Serving the radio community for over 30 years, Scanner Master Corporation has been making advances in police scanner technology by constantly introducing new custom products to its customers. Several years ago, Scanner Masterís signature scanner mounts were introduced to the industry, as a method for their customers to display and organize their scanners in a professional looking manner. They have recently developed the SpectrumForce line which offers high quality and low-cost products to scanner hobbyists. Scanner Master continues to keep up-to-date by meeting its customerís evolving needs and by anticipating new product opportunities. With their 30 years of knowledge in scanners, itís no wonder that they have continued to develop innovative advancements in the industry. Stay tuned for what they come out with next!.

SprectrumForce GPS Software


•Lapel Speaker

•Antenna with BNC

•Antenna with SMA

•Desk Mount 1 Portable

•Desk Mount 2 Portable

•Desk Mount 3 Portable

•Desk Mount 2 Base

•Desk Mount 3 Base

•Desk Mount 4 Base


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