SpectrumForce Antennas

Scanner Master announces the release of the all-new SpectrumForce line of mobile scanner antennas. These small, light-weight, unobtrusive antennas are perfect for those who want good quality wide-band reception characteristics in an antenna that almost everyone will mistake for a cell-phone antenna. Yet, these antennas are not glass mount. These are mag-mount with a tiny base of around 1.5" in diameter. The unique design includes a powerful magnet and 5-prong lip that protrudes from the base to help stabilize the antenna and allow it to stick to your car even at high speeds. A thin RG-174 cable, 12 feet in length, runs into the car (you can shut your car door on it if you wish). The antennas pop easily off a car or truck when removed by hand. The antenna is 17" tall.

This antenna is great for moving between cars, taking on short trips, and especially for packing in a suitcase and using on a rental car.

There are two models:

1. SpectrumForce with BNC connector perfect for most scanners.
2. SpectrumForce with SMA connector perfect for the BCD396T, BR330, BC346XT, BCD396XT - no adapter needed!

Mobile scanner antennas will significantly increase the range that you can receive, whether the antenna is mounted on your car roof, trunk or even on an air conditioner unit outside your home or apartment.

Best of all, these antennas are available at an amazing low price of only $19.95

You may purchase the SpectrumForce with BNC connector from Scanner Master.
You may purchase the SpectrumForce with SMA connector from Scanner Master.

Customer Review:

The new antennas have already impressed members of the scanner community. Satisfied customer, Todd Eppenstiner, wrote to Scanner Master, “I drove the 14 miles to work, the speed limit is 65 MPH and I averaged between 65 and 70 but never lower than 65, I must say I was impressed, the antenna didn’t move an inch. While driving into work I was able to monitor the following frequencies / ranges with this antenna: Gilbert PD 860.000 Mhz P-25, AZ DPS/ State Patrol, 460.000 Mhz Analog, Tempe PD 700 Mhz P-25, AZ Mills Mall Security 451.000 Mhz Analog. All came in crystal clear. Once at work I threw it up into the ceiling tile grid to see how it would work. Same results with all above mentioned frequencies, plus I ran the GMRS/DOT/STAR frequencies also. In conclusion, nothing but great results using this antenna.” Other customers have had similar results.



Base of the Antenna.


•Lapel Speaker

•Antenna with BNC

•Antenna with SMA

•Desk Mount 1 Portable

•Desk Mount 2 Portable

•Desk Mount 3 Portable

•Desk Mount 2 Base

•Desk Mount 3 Base

•Desk Mount 4 Base


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